SFLihy is a video by Meatsleep[1]. The video is seven minutes long, but only seven seconds can be loaded by the YouTube scroll bar. The video was released on 29 December, 2015.


The entire video displays a white screen. The sound of what seems to be helicopter propellors can be heard slowly fading in, until the 4:16 mark, when the sound becomes steady and stops fading in. At 5:08, the sound glitches in the style of a jump-scare and turns into a blaring scream before returning to the original sound at 5:11. At 6:26, the sound ends, and the sound of a bass humming can be heard until it ends abruptly at the end of the video.

The description of the video was:



After this video was uploaded at two o'clock in the morning, every other video on Meat's was removed, and set to private. This leaves "SFLihy" as the only video on their channel.



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