Missing bones (stylised as missing bones) is a video by Meatsleep[1]. The video is three minutes and fifteen seconds, but the scroll bar only goes to one minute and forty-six seconds. The video was released on 2 January, 2016.


The video shows a close-up of a woman's wrist with self-harm scars clearly visible. At the 0:08 mark, an image flashes on the screen of a person sitting on a pile of logs with their head pixelated. A lime green millipede crawls across her wrist, but is only seen in the top right corner of the video. The entire video plays in slow motion, and the audio is of a record crackling with low tones playing in the back ground. The audio amplifies at the last second in the style of a jumpscare.

The description of the video was:

missing bones
missing islands
missing water dogs
jelly brains
all the things
your very own suppers
and dinners
missing my bones


The limb that the millipede is crawling on is debatable. Some believe it to be an image of a woman's thigh with stretch marks. However, because of the visible vein, it is believed to be a wrist with healed self-harm scars.

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