In November of 2015, Meatsleep removed all of his videos on his YouTube account, except for one: "circle." The purge lasted from 6 November to 10 December in 2015.


Meatsleep's YouTube account has been active since 28 March, 2014. Meat had released a total of sixty videos by the end of October of 2015. However, Meat only had twenty-seven videos on the account before the purge.


Meat removed all but one video on his channel on 6 November, 2015. The remaining video was "circle." The cumulative views of the remaining video boosted by 655% following the purge.

Meat's viewers were well-prepared for the takedown, because most of them are used to the pattern of their video's publications and removals. Many archives are available online that have been collecting the videos uploaded by Meatsleep. These archives, such as Meatsleep Archives, were temporarily the only way to view Meatsleep videos after the purge.

On 28 November, 2015, Meat publicised their video "wolf." The re-addition of the video boosted the cumulative views by 191%. On 29 November, 2015, Meat published a new video titled "Asleep See." As the video was up, Meat temporarily made all of the videos that were private public. "Asleep See" was then changed to private, as well as all of the other videos, leaving only "circle" and "wolf" the only videos on the channel.

On 3 December, 2015, a new video titled "新しいスキン" was released. The video was up for only thirty minutes before being removed. The title of the video "circle" was then changed to "新しいスキン." The video "wolf" was then removed once again on 4 December, 2015.

On 10 December, 2015, Meatsleep publicised 14 videos, leaving a total of 15 videos on the channel with the inclusion of "新しいスキン." The videos were:

This officially concluded the end of the purge.


Nobody really knows why Meat would do this, but there are a few assumptions:

  • Meat wants his viewers to focus on those particular videos and reconsider what they think the meaning is.
  • Meat is restarting the cycle of his channel, beginning with "circle."
  • Meat is testing his subscribers by uploading and deleting videos at an unpredictable rate.
  • Meat is giving his videos with the lowest views a boost in viewership by making them the only available videos to watch.
  • Meatsleep was being overwhelmed by people from Mr. Nightmare and Scaretheater, and to keep themselves at ease, they removed most of their videos


Date Event
Nov 6, 2015 Meatsleep removed all but one video, "circle"
Nov 28, 2015 "wolf" was re-uploaded
Nov 29, 2015 The video "Asleep See" was uploaded then removed
Nov 29, 2015 The channel temporarily changed the private videos to public
Dec 3, 2015 "新しいスキン" was uploaded for thirty minutes before being removed
Dec 4, 2015 Temporarily tweeted "新しいスキン" and the link to the video of the same name
Dec 4, 2015 The video title for "circle" was changed to "新しいスキン"
Dec 4, 2015 The channel made "wolf" private
Dec 10, 2015 The channel publicised 14 videos, leaving a total of 15 videos.
Jan 15, 2016 The channel removed everything, including profile images and subscriber counter
Jan 16, 2016 The Twitter account was protected and the profile image was deleted
Jan 23, 2016 The Twitter account was unprotected
Jan 23, 2016 The video "No More." was uploaded, concluding the channel
May 15, 2016 The video "Answers" was uploaded but was made private leaving "No More." still the only video.

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