Reddit is an entertainment, social news networking service, and news website where registered community members can submit content, such as text posts or direct links, making it essentially an online bulletin board system. The Meatsleep community has created what is known as a "subreddit" called "VideoMeat," which updates about anything to do with Meatsleep.


After Meatsleep had formally announced their departure from YouTube in the video "No More.," the Reddit community had suggested to Meat that they participate in an "AMA" (for "Ask Me Anything").

On 26 January, 2016 at 9:02 PM, Reddit user IAmSoVeryBored123 (known on YouTube as CreepypastaArchives) sent a message to Meatsleep which read: "Now that meatsleep and sewnkin are over, will you reupload every video, so that we can reflect? Or is this it?" Meatsleep responded an hour later with: "Make a list of all questions. Take your time. One list."[1] The next day, IAmSoVeryBored123 made these messages public, and requested a completed list within sixteen hours.[2]

On 28 January, 2016 at 1:25 AM, Meatsleep sent another message to CreepypastaArchives which said "53 questions is okay. More questions are also okay. Take your time."[3] This, in turn, lengthened the time for another two days.

The AMA was initially completed and submitted on 28 January, 2016. It featured the requested fifty-three questions, and also included a message from the author to Meatsleep, which praised Meat and explained the source of the questions. After many complaints, a "last chance" AMA was held for the people who missed their chance on submitting questions of their own.[4] On 30 January, 2016, the AMA was updated with forty-seven more questions, making a total of one hundred questions.[5]

Months passed, and people began to doubt that the AMA would materialise.[6][7][8][9][10] Five months would pass before an update would arise. Within that time, Meatsleep teased with a video titled "38 204" released on April Fools Day, which proved that Meatsleep was still active.[11]

Answers videoEdit

On 15 May, 2016, Meatsleep released a video titled "answers," which nontraditionally answered Reddit's AMA questions. Rather than on Reddit, the questions were answered in the description and comments of the video released. The first fifty answers were in the description, and the last fifty were in the comments. The video was taken down within an hour, but the video and the answers were all habitually archived.

AMA Questions & AnswersEdit


  1. Will all of the videos be reuploaded as a final testament to this channel? Or is this it?
  2. For how long were you planning to continue with meat if no one had been harassed?
  3. What is the song used in the "s aying s" video?
  4. What was the original purpose of meatsleep?
  5. What were the titles of the original seven (?) sewnkin videos?
  6. What was the reason of the quick deletions towards the end of meatsleep?
  7. Did Meat begin as one person and expand? Or was it always multiple people?
  8. Song name in missing bones? If it is your own thing, then wow. Amazing!!
  9. When and how did they come up with the idea of meat?
  10. Will the team attempt to do something similar again in the future?
  11. Was there a storyline? If not, how did they come up with so many random scenarios?
  12. If possible, could you share the workflow of the videos?
  13. What were the significance of the Sewnkin videos?
  14. Who is behind Meatsleep?
  15. Will sewnkin ever start up again?
  16. What are your thoughts on autumnash81?
  17. Who made the trippy vaporwave music? Is it up for download?
  18. What software does she use to edit her videos?
  19. Was there any transcendental message that you wanted to spread through the videos? If yes, what was it?
  20. About sewnkin: who is sewnkin, what is sewnkin international and what´s the meaning of the concept "new skin"?.
  21. What´s the story behind such realistic videos like longpig, walk in the park, vacc or this is not a coda?
  22. Are they as sorry as we are that it ended the way it did and would they have done anything differently with hindsight. Also, did they have as much fun as a lot of us did? Oh, and many thanks to them for their intention, had me hooked for a long time.
  23. I know they said that the "story" was determined by viewers and by dice rolls; but did they have any particular ideas for the early videos, which would have been needed to get the ball rolling? Were they going for a particular initial concept in those?
  24. What happened to ametama (the user who reuploaded the sewnkin videos)?
  25. Aside from dice rolls for the plotline, what kind of planning goes into making a video and the secrets that end up in it?
  26. Did you have to use any props for some of the videos? (ᛊᚻ∃ᛌᛋ ᚤ ᛕ≡∄ᚹ≠ᚱ comes heavily to mind) Did some spots already have the right environment to record?
  27. Who was your inspiration?
  28. Had you become frustrated with the progress -or lack of- the community had made regarding the narrative of your plot line?
  29. What was the intention of this project?
  30. Did you enjoy all of the conspiracy theories about your project, or did this contribute to your annoyance and speed up the beginning of the end?
  31. [number skipped]
  32. Which was the group's favorite video?
  33. Are there some videos that we have not seen? Excluding .
  34. What was the reason for so many references to circles?
  35. Did all the participants of meatsleep run the twitter account together, or was it just one person?
  36. Where were some of the earlier videos filmed? (ie. ‡i‡n⁜g‡r‡a‡t‡e‡, ⏄⏅⏃▲▴◬◭ ᑭᒍᑕᐃᖅᐹ)
  37. What was the idea behind the music in the videos?
  38. Why was the channel named meatsleep/meat?
  39. What was Ingrate's purpose in the storyline?
  40. Who of you 11 guys is answering all these questions and why?
  41. Which countries are you from?
  42. Have you ever been chatting as a casual user in forums or chatrooms? If so, would you say which nickname did you use?
  43. How would you interpret the story as a whole?
  44. How exactly were the videos glitched?
  45. Where does the music in the first 3 minutes of Walk In The Park come from?
  46. How long ago were the first videos made?
  47. How precisely were the videos of the flashing type such as Ingrate created?
  48. What connection did/does sewnkin/meatsleep have with Vancouver?
  49. Where did the footage from Walk In The Park come from?
  50. If the clip in the video Walk In The Park isn't the entire footage, could you please upload the full footage?
  51. All I would like to know is what exactly did they mean in the "Prove the Disciple Bad Say" tweet and what kind of proof was needed, a kidney?
  52. Why the videos "dial"?
  53. Do they ever intend to unmask themselves and reveal their actual identities?
  54. How long did it take to make a video usually?
  55. Okay... When they said "7 years 6 YouTube channels" how much truth was there to that statement?
  56. Also, when they lurked on places like the subreddit, did they get usernames and comment?
  57. Were there any fan theories that approached the truth?
  58. Was there a time where you thought you were caught, (identified) but your assigned rumormongers adequately discouraged the person who made the discovery? If so, who was it?
  59. Do you have all of the videos?
  60. Also what is Meatsleep saying in 我々は、すべての友人です。一緒に私たちが見て。我々は注意する必要があります?
  61. Also what is the significance of the 8 dial tones?
  62. What was the age range of the members involved?
  63. Besides creating content on Youtube, what are other interests that you enjoy doing? (directed towards all creators)
  64. Why did the team use advanced editing, like what appears to be Adobe After Effects in "render" and image stabilization in this video. Were they not worried about the fanbase's reaction towards such advanced editing? I know the glitched audio effect was a "Bit Crusher", but I can understand that not too many people know about them.
  65. What influenced massive changes in style?
  66. Assign a natural number from 1 to 11 to each member of the team. Roll a D12. If it rolls 12 then reroll. If it rolls a number from 1 to 11 please name exact number of fingers on the left hand of a corresponding team member.
  67. Why Sean?
  68. The music (if any) that was created by people in the sewnkin/meatsleep group, what software was used to create it?
  69. What's your opinion on the channel Cave of Shadows, if you've heard of it?
  70. During the life of sewnkin/meatsleep, was there ever any way for new people to join the group, or did you decide to always keep it a fixed number of people from in on out?
  71. Did you ever think everything could get this popular?
  72. 1 song for each member involved: what is a favorite song of yours?
  73. WHERE was the majority of earlier stuff filmed, mostly the stuff inside a house?
  74. Were there any other projects/channels besides meat and sewnkin, that we have missed?
  75. What was the idea behind Iwan Fals?
  76. Did some of the youtubers linked to meat (Jordin Nickum for example) know about the project? What was the idea behind their involvement?
  77. Was a dice roll ever overturned?
  78. Most important video, in your opinion?
  79. Did we miss anything?
  80. What does "martober" mean and what is the significance of the term to the meatsleep/sewnkin videos?
  81. Can you please explain what the harassment was exactly and who was involved?
  82. If you could go back and change something what would it be?
  83. Would you recommend someone else`s work or project in youtube ?
  84. Idea behind "vacc" and who was in it?
  85. Idea behind reuploads like "tical"
  86. How could we have joined the group?
  87. Was the vid "a walk in a park" filmed by a member of meat or is the footaged reupload?
  88. Why the name "flotsamjetsamliganderelict"?
  89. Why there was yr tumblr that was protected by a password? You guys say find the key, was it a key to get on yr tumblr?
  90. Why "" was online and soon after it was offline?
  91. Face reveal. Thx
  92. What was the point of "sewnkin international? How'd you get the budget? Did you guys just film a crime scene, or did you guys hire a cast for "walk in the park"?
  93. Was Kubosava really just a copycat or is it one of your other personas?
  94. How did all of you meet each other? I find it fascinating that people from 11 different countries became friends and then decided to create something artistic together. Did you guys meet each other in real life first or you just started to talk online?
  95. Have you guys made these kinds of videos before and then later on went to film school to improve? Or is it just from solo experience?
  96. If yes to the question that you've meet each other before, then have you ever filmed a video together as well?
  97. How come you decided to pick horror as the main theme to meatsleep? I haven't seen all of your videos, so I'm sure some of them doesn't have that horror theme at all.
  98. What's next?
  99. Which program did you used for the effects and if its audacity which effects are you using?
  100. Did the channels Shane Wilson or Arron Brickford ever actually have anything to do with the "project"?


  1. No, this is it
  2. Indefinitely
  3. Original composition
  4. Before /x/ turned to shit, we wanted to give back some spooky OC
  5. There were nine
  6. Fun
  7. Three
  8. Original composition
  9. Question is nonsensical
  10. No. Individuals maybe
  11. No. Dice. Imagination
  12. Question is nonsensical
  13. Creepy videos for /x/
  14. Sewn Kin
  15. No
  16. ████ ███████ was amusing at the start, we'd even planned to try and film him around his building as part of an excursion to Monroeville Mall. When it (quickly) became apparent that he is mentally ill, we ceased engagement. During his deranged mission to "out meatsleep", ████ ███████ stalked, doxxed, and sexually harassed children. If you have been the victim of his phone calls or emails or social media stalking, we encourage you to contact the North Versailles Police department at (412)-823-6602
  17. Original composition. We can upload it all somewhere if people want
  18. Kdenlive and ffmpeg
  19. No
  20. No concept, just spooks
  21. Longpig was filmed without consent, but the footage was used after with consent. If you want it to look realistic, stand there all day, film everything. Film all day
  22. We're gutted it had to end. We had SO MUCH fun, and it's all because of you, thank you thank you thank you to the fans
  23. No, just trying to make spooky videos for /x/philes
  24. Ametama has nothing to do with us
  25. No secrets, just inspiration from locations
  26. No props except for one video not released
  27. Location, /x/, and found footage horror
  28. Not at all
  29. Spooks for /x/, and after it grew, spooks for you, spooks for all
  30. YES! We loved the theories! It felt like we were all in it together
  31. You know how videomeat has a weird way of counting meatsleep questions? The reason for this is a lost video from sewnkin
  32. None
  33. Yes
  34. Nothing
  35. Two people
  36. Everywhere
  37. Nonsensical question
  38. "meatsleep" is a creepy made up word
  39. Nonsensical question
  40. Fuck off
  41. Several
  42. No
  43. Nonsensical question
  44. With software
  45. Live recording
  46. Before Kubosava
  47. With camera and software
  48. Heh
  49. Walking in the park
  50. No
  51. A kidney would have sufficed
  52. Why the retarded question
  53. No
  54. Several hours to a week depending on circumstances
  55. We'd been making bad OC for /x/ forever
  56. No sir
  57. Fan theories created the "truth". So, yes. And no.
  58. No
  59. Yes
  60. Nothing
  61. Nothing. We gave a real phone number, but nobody called. It's not the number in "Calling Meatsleep's Mysterious Dial Tone". None of you ever called :(
  62. About 20 years span of ages
  63. Macaroni art and squid hunting
  64. We don't know what "advanced editing" is. We did not use Adobe After Effects. We don't know what "Bit Crusher" is. The project was intentionally basic
  65. Dice, circumstance, you
  66. We used regular dice you math whiz, you
  67. Nonsensical question
  68. audacity
  69. Only heard of it, never looked, no connection
  70. Yes and no. Kind of not really, but a little bit. Mostly no
  71. Never, not in a hundred years
  72. Pass, sorry
  73. Inside a house
  74. Yes
  75. Nonsensical question
  76. No comment
  77. Maybe
  78. See question 79
  79. See question 78
  80. "Martober" means nothing
  81. A few of the fans are bona-fide psychopaths. They stalked people in real life, they accused people in person of being "meatsleep"
  82. Involving innocent people
  83. Dan Bell's dead mall series
  84. We were in it
  85. Rolled the dice, and we are doing this funny thing now
  86. Be at the wrong place at the wrong time
  87. "is the footaged reupload"?? What?
  88. Because videos from different beaches and garbage on those beaches ARE YOU SERIOUS?
  89. The "meatsleep" and "sewnkin" tumblr accounts are owned by a cringey brat. It's nothing to do with us
  90. No knowledge of this
  91. We already did
  92. Zero budget. All cast was involved, or filmed without consent
  93. Kubosava is made of dog shit and lies. Tenole Beking is nothing to do with us, and never has. Believe nothing he says
  94. Online
  95. None of us have any film school, any film background or film training. Everything we've done is doable by anybody
  96. Nonsensical question
  97. Because /x/, and we wanted to give back. The second sentence of your question is retarded
  98. We are permanently and forever disbanded as meatsleep or sewnkin. A couple of us are working on new things, but they won't tie in, and they'll never refer to the old channels
  99. If it's audacity figure it out yourself you lazy fuck
  100. No, we have nothing to do with those people or channels. Anything official will be or would have been posted on the twitter account

Meat's Closing StatementEdit

And so it ends, fellow writers of meatsleep.

Thank you, thank you thank you all. We so enjoyed the collaboration, and the community you created. A million <3<3<3<3

Special thanks to Creepypasta Archives for the meticulous curation on youtube and reddit. You grew the story as much as we did. Thanks to Nick Nocturne for having our back at the end.

Believe nothing unconfirmed by us.

Thank you all.



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