Livestock (stylised as "livestock") is a video by Meatsleep[1]. The video is two minutes and forty seconds long, and it was released on 4 May, 2014.


The video opens with static, and the word "SKINFARM" appears at the top of the screen. An image of meat in a frying pan begins to fade into the picture. The video then cuts to a scene of a canine running. The scene then cuts to a metal fence. The static begins to flood the video, leaving the scenes unrecognisable. Near the end of the video, the word "MEATSLEEP" appears at the top of the screen, and the video cuts to a scene of the side of a building. The entire video has static, and the audio has a vinyl crackling sound effect.


The meat in the pan has been presumed to be a phallus. The phrase "XXXXXNO" is seen flashed on the screen at the 2:25 mark and later "NONONONONONO"

Some of the clips in the video are from the 2009 documentary Death On A Factory Farm. The film is concerning the animal rights abuses at a hog farm in Ohio.



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