L'attaque (stylised as "l'attaque") is a video by Meatsleep[1]. The video was uploaded on 15 November, 2014. The video is an example of Meat's many glitch videos, as the video is only one minute and eleven seconds long, but YouTube continues to play the video until one minute and twenty-four seconds.


The film opens with a title card that reads "新しいスキン SEWN KIN INTERNATIONAL." The video takes the viewer through the forest, streets, alleys, and river of a city. The video ends on a close-up of the river.


The title of the video is French for "attack." The introduction at the beginning of the film is Japanese for "New skin."

The video was filmed in Turku, Southwest Finland. The river at the end of the film is the Aurajoki River. The video was filmed during the autumn months, as seen by the leaves on the trees.

Mr. Nightmare actually archived 5 seconds of the glitch in his Five of the Wierdest and Most Disturbing Youtube Channels video. The five seconds recorded were seemingly normal audio.

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