Katchewan (stylised as "ᛊᚢᛊ katchewan") is a video by Meatsleep[1]. The video is one minute and forty-three seconds long, and it was released 17 October, 2014.


The entire video takes the viewer through a walk in the forest. The video then cuts to a scene of a jogger on a trail who disappears into the distance. We then see a crater in the ground, and then a door that is erected in the forest. The video ends as the person holding the camera shows the gravel on the ground leading up to the crater throwing stones at a black snake.


The title of the video is short for Saskatchewan, a providence in Canada. The video has been confirmed to have been filmed near a highway in Northern Saskatchewan.[2]

At the 1:09 mark in the video, a zapping noise can be heard, which fans translated as Morse code. The word "PAUAPAUA" was read.



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