Ingrate (stylised as ‡i‡n⁜g‡r‡a‡t‡e‡) is a video released by Meatsleep[1]. The video is 52 seconds long and was released on 4 April, 2014.


The video begins with a scene filmed from the floor, which appears to have something on it. It then cuts to close-ups of things such as wire, items on the floor, a hairy toothbrush, and a bag (believed to be a body-bag). As the unnerved, warped voice speaks of how ungrateful the listener is for having their body cleaned, the video shows closeups of a shower, a hose, bleach, and rubber gloves. A sign that says "DIEU Bénissez Notre Foyer" flashes on the screen. The video ends with a scene of a door from a basement being closed by an animal, whose eyes are glowing from the flash of the camera.


The title of the video is "ingrate" with a double dagger (‡) between every letter, but a dotted cross (⁜) between the N and G. The title refers to the dialogue, which has an unnerved, warped voice telling the listener how ungrateful they are for the things the speaker has provided.

Many believe the video is about a kidnapper who is disposing of his victims body. Bleach, which appears in the video, is often used to decompose a body when mixed with other chemicals. Bleach is also a household cleaner, which the speaker used to "clean" the body.

During a Reddit Ask Me Anything (AMA), a fan asked Meatsleep what this videos purpose was in the storyline. Meat, however, did not answer, and claimed it to be a "nonsensical" question.


You live here.
I let you live here.
I gave you a home.
Now you live here.
You're ungrateful.
You live here.
I took you and I keep you warm.
I feed you.
You live here.
I give you a home.
I give you a place to sleep.
I gave you a secret place. 
Just for you.
A place to clean your disgusting body.
You live here. 
I cleaned you.
I let you be like a person.
You live here.
You are ungrateful
You live. Here.

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