Grǽgrease (stylised as grǽgrease) is a video by Meatsleep[1]. The video was released on 8 January, 2016. The video is fifty-six seconds long, but a glitch makes the video appear two minutes and eighteen seconds long.


A weather forecast provided by Environment Canada is on the screen. The date is unknown, but the time is almost 5:50 AM. The video cuts to another forecast predicting the outlook for Southern Manitoba. The time is also 5:50 AM. The video cuts to another forecast predicting the city of Winnipeg. The time is also 5:49 AM. The video ends, but the upbeat music that has been playing since the beginning of the video continues, and it's tempo slows down until the video actually ends.


The music playing throughout the video is from a 27 July, 1996 broadcast on the Environment Canada weather channel, but the audio was slowed down[2]. However, the images of the weather report came from a 4 December, 1989 broadcast on the same channel[3].



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