Garō guro (stylised as "garō guro") is a video by Meatsleep. The video is one of the many examples of Meat's glitch videos. In this case, the video is seventeen seconds long, but the slider at the bottom of the video only loads to ten seconds. The video was released on 3 October, 2015


The video shows scenes of a ship crossing an inlet as a voice reads the dialogue.


The title of the video is in Japanese, with many possible translations. "Garō" could either mean "picture gallery" or "hungry wolf." "Guro" is short for "Gurotesuku," with means "grotesque" in English. That being said, the title could either mean "Hungry Wolf Gore" or "Gore Picture Gallery."

The location in the video has been confirmed to be the Burrard Inlet in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The ship crossing the inlet is the SeaBus, which is a ferry service.

The video was made to intimidate a fan who told Meat that they lived in Vancouver.


Listen. Listen very... carefully. Am I already there? Am I already with you? 
Is anybody home?

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