Fournine (stylised as "fournine") is the first video to be released by Meatsleep[1]. The video is twenty-five seconds long, and it was released on 28 March, 2014, which is the same day Meat's channel was created.


The video opens with a scene of a bathroom door closing by itself. We then see the bathroom door opening and closing, this time with a rubber glove on the door handle. A series of tones are heard. The video cuts to a scene of a closet door opening to reveal a mess of items in boxes. One box was pixelated to censor the brand name. A sign that reads "Cigarettes are addictive" is shown with mini dentures scattered on top of it. An article on a computer is left up with the letters for "SEWNKIN" highlighted. A human eye with a black sclera jumps on the screen pared with the sound of a blaring screech in the style of a jumpscare. The video ends with the bathroom door opening by itself.


The tones heard at the beginning of fournine (G-C-G#-G) are approximately the same relative pitch as the buzzing from Sewn Kin 3 (C-G-C#-C). The tones from Sewn Kin 3 were probably scaled up in pitch to create the tones from fournine.

The speaking voice heard throughout the video is from a Cuban Numbers Station, either V02 or HM01. The title is possibly a reference to the list of numbers.

The article shown on the computer and source of the eye jumpscare is

The music box that can be heard is the same audio from the 1968 horror film Night Of The Living Dead.


(Spanish numbers)