Folie à famille (stylised as folie à famille) is a video by Meatsleep[1]. The video was released on 8 January, 2016. The video has a glitch which makes the video appear to be one minute and thirty-five seconds long, when it is really only twenty-eight seconds long.


The video opens with a string of lights as the camera zooms in on them. The video cuts to a scene of a girl standing with her arms crossed as though she is pouting. She is then told to turn, possibly to show off her outfit. The video then cuts to a scene in a dark room. A skull on a staircase flashes on the screen before cutting to another scene of a wooden rocking chair in the same dark room. The video ends, but the audio continues. The warped music slowly fades out, leaving the sound of the record spinning for the rest of the video.


The title of the video translates from French to "family madness." It is a medical term used to describe a psychotic disorder that is shared by two or more members of a family.



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