Devil in the house (stylised as "devil in the house") is a video by Meatsleep[1]. The video is twenty-nine seconds long, and it was uploaded on 6 October, 2014.


The video opens to an image of a wall rotating clockwise. We then see the hinges of a door, a view through the peep hole, and the three locks on the door. We then see a pile of purses, ship and eagle decals, a floral light switch, an intercom speaker, and a pile of shoes. At the end of the video, the wall stops rotating and the voice concludes it's speech.


The video may symbolise secrecy and paranoia, as the imagery in the video seem to depict that.


He said there was a devil in the house
I wish he would be here
One of these days
And we turn the lights off sometimes
There's a devil in the house
He said there's a devil in the house
He said there was a devil in the house



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