Asleep See is a video by Meatsleep. The video is fourteen seconds long, and it was released on 28 November, 2015.


The video shows a scene of a basement with an animal at the top of the staircase. The animal, possibly a cat, closes the door as the camera zooms in on the brick walls on the right. A growling noise can be heard, and the majority of the video is glitchy.


The title of the video is possibly a fragment of the sentence "I'm asleep, see?" as if the speaker was trying to convince someone that they were asleep. This may be a reference to Meat's channel, which took a short break from posting videos after the channel was purged.

The video is recycled from the previous Meatsleep videos "ᚦᛧᛊᛩᛁᚱᛌᚾ ᚭᚧ" and "‡i‡n⁜g‡r‡a‡t‡e‡." However, this video (when sped up) has the same voice as "‡i‡n⁜g‡r‡a‡t‡e‡," so it can be assumed that this is an edit of that video.



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