Answers (stylised as "answers") is a video by Meatsleep[1]. The video is thirteen seconds long, but a glitch makes the video appear to be six minutes and nineteen seconds long. The video was released on the 15th of May as the final video in the series.


The sound of a record crackling can be heard throughout the entire video, and the screen is black. At the 0:13 mark, the upside-down image of a bridge flashes on the screen. The audio continues, and a buzzing noise can be heard fading in and out. A pulsating noise can be heard as well. At the 5:58 mark, a high-pitched screeching noise can be heard. The noise travels through both the left and the right channels, and fades out as the video ends


The description of the video begins in the description box with fifty answers to Reddit's fifty Ask Me Anything (AMA) questions, but an additional fifty answers were continued in the comments section:

1 No, this is it
2 Indefinitely
3 Original composition
4 Before /x/ turned to shit, we wanted to give back some spooky OC
5 There were nine
6 Fun
7 Three
8 Original composition
9 Question is nonsensical
10 No. Individuals maybe
11 No. Dice. Imagination
12 Question is nonsensical
13 Creepy videos for /x/
14 Sewn Kin
15 No
16 [████ ███████] was amusing at the start, we'd even planned to try and film 
him around his building as part of an excursion to Monroeville Mall. When it 
(quickly) became apparent that he is mentally ill, we ceased engagement. 
During his deranged mission to "out meatsleep", [████ ███████] stalked, 
doxxed, and sexually harassed children. If you have been the victim of his 
phone calls or emails or social media stalking, we encourage you to contact 
the North Versailles Police department at (412)-823-[████]
17 Original composition. We can upload it all somewhere if people want
18 Kdenlive and ffmpeg
19 No
20 No concept, just spooks
21 Longpig was filmed without consent, but the footage was used after with 
consent. If you want it to look realistic, stand there all day, film 
everything. Film all day
22 We're gutted it had to end. We had SO MUCH fun, and it's all because of 
you, thank you thank you thank you to the fans
23 No, just trying to make spooky videos for /x/philes
24 Ametama has nothing to do with us
25 No secrets, just inspiration from locations
26 No props except for one video not released
27 Location, /x/, and found footage horror
28 Not at all
29 Spooks for /x/, and after it grew, spooks for you, spooks for all
30 YES! We loved the theories! It felt like we were all in it together
31 You know how videomeat has a weird way of counting meatsleep questions? The 
reason for this is a lost video from sewnkin
32 None
33 Yes
34 Nothing
35 Two people
36 Everywhere
37 Nonsensical question
38 "meatsleep" is a creepy made up word
39 Nonsensical question
40 Fuck off
41 Several
42 No
43 Nonsensical question
44 With software
45 Live recording 
46 Before Kubosava
47 With camera and software
48 Heh
49 Walking in the park
50 No
51 A kidney would have sufficed
52 Why the retarded question
53 No
54 Several hours to a week depending on circumstances
55 We'd been making bad OC for /x/ forever
56 No sir
57 Fan theories created the "truth". So, yes. And no.
58 No
59 Yes
60 Nothing
61 Nothing. We gave a real phone number, but nobody called. It's not the 
number in "Calling Meatsleep's Mysterious Dial Tone". None of you ever 
called :(
62 About 20 years span of ages
63 Macaroni art and squid hunting
64 We don't know what "advanced editing" is. We did not use Adobe After 
Effects. We don't know what "Bit Crusher" is. The project was intentionally 
65 Dice, circumstance, you
66 We used regular dice you math whiz, you
67 Nonsensical question
68 audacity
69 Only heard of it, never looked, no connection
70 Yes and no. Kind of not really, but a little bit. Mostly no
71 Never, not in a hundred years
72 Pass, sorry
73 Inside a house
74 Yes 
75 Nonsensical question
76 No comment
77 Maybe
78 See question 79
79 See question 78
80 "Martober" means nothing
81 A few of the fans are bona-fide psychopaths. They stalked people in real life,
they accused people in person of being "meatsleep"
82 Involving innocent people
83 Dan Bell's dead mall series
84 We were in it
85 Rolled the dice, and we are doing this funny thing now
86 Be at the wrong place at the wrong time
87 "is the footaged reupload"?? What?  
88 Because videos from different beaches and garbage on those beaches ARE YOU 
89 The "meatsleep" and "sewnkin" tumblr accounts are owned by a cringey brat. 
It's nothing to do with us
90 No knowledge of this
91 We already did
92 Zero budget. All cast was involved, or filmed without consent
93 Kubosava is made of dog shit and lies. Tenole Beking is nothing to do with 
us, and never has. Believe nothing he says
94 Online
95 None of us have any film school, any film background or film training. 
Everything we've done is doable by anybody
96 Nonsensical question
97 Because /x/, and we wanted to give back. The second sentence of your 
question is retarded
98 We are permanently and forever disbanded as meatsleep or sewnkin. A couple 
of us are working on new things, but they won't tie in, and they'll never 
refer to the old channels
99 If it's audacity figure it out yourself you lazy fuck
100 No, we have nothing to do with those people or channels. Anything official 
will be or would have been posted on the twitter account


And so it ends, fellow writers of meatsleep.

Thank you, thank you thank you all. We so enjoyed the collaboration, and the 
community you created. A million <3<3<3<3

Special thanks to Creepypasta Archives for the meticulous curation on youtube 
and reddit. You grew the story as much as we did. Thanks to Nick Nocturne for 
having our back at the end.

Believe nothing unconfirmed by us.

Thank you all.


The description of the video answers all one-hundred questions that were asked by Reddit back in January when Meatsleep proposed an Ask Me Anything (AMA) to Reddit user IAmSoVeryBored123 (YouTube user CreepypastaArchive). The original proposal requested 53 questions that could be gathered from the entire fan-base, but more questions would be accepted.



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