新しいスキン is a video by Meatsleep. The video is one minute and fifty-two seconds, and it was released on 3 December, 2015.


The first half of the video shows a busy highway in Japan. The video is then moved to a craft store. The person holding the camera goes through many isles of office supplies and the legs of other women are seen throughout. One particular woman in black leggings and a grey jacket seemed to be followed at some point. The video ends with a closeup of binders on a shelf with the brand name FILE26 being noted.


The title of the video is Japanese, and translates to "new skin." The video shares a title with another video on the channel, "新しいスキン." That video was originally titled "circle," but the name was changed the same day this video was uploaded.

The highway seen at the beginning of the video is Shinjuku Dori in a Tokyo, Japan. The store that the rest of the video was filmed in is the Sekaido art materials store.

At the beginning of the video, a pink truck seemed to be the main focus of the scene. The truck advertised a website called "15navi" which is a job site for women who want to work in the sex industry.

The binders that appeared at the end of the video had the brand name FILE26, which is also the name of a manga series about murder mysteries. The stories sympathised with the murderers, and told the stories that inspired the murders.

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