⏄⏅⏃▲▴◬◭ ᑭᒍᑕᐃᖅᐹ is a video by Meatsleep[1]. The video is forty-six seconds long, but is only twenty-one seconds on mobile devices. The video was released on 4 April, 2014.


The video opens with a closeup of a handle, possibly for a bed frame. The video cuts to a scene of a door, which appears aged. Someone from the opposite end of the door is trying to turn the doorknob, but the door won't budge. We then see a lock with a rusty, metal stake securing the door. A person with black nail polish reaches their hand from under the door in an attempt to open the door a different way. The video ends as the camera focuses on five teeth scattered across the floor.

When the video is watched on mobile devices, the video stops at the twenty-one second mark. However, for desktop viewers, the audio continues playing with the video frozen on the image of a tooth on the floor. The audio of the warped transcript is heard at this point. The audio continues until the forty-six second mark.



A highly mentioned point of the video when a person with black finger-nail-polish reaches their hand out from under the door

The first three symbols in the video are known as "dentistry symbols." The four symbols after that are triangles, but it is unknown what their relevance to the video is. The remaining characters are Inuktitut, and they transliterate to "kigutaiqpaa" which translates to "he has removed a tooth from him" in English.


Somebody help me please!
Let me out!
Please help me out!
Honey, let me out!