∅ᚨ℉∡∟ is a video by Meatsleep. The video is one minute and four seconds long, and it was released on 1 November, 2014.


The majority of the video shows an overhead view of a busy sidewalk in a city. A scene of a semi-truck with "MID AMERICA SHOWS TRANSPORTATION INC." with "JACKSON, MS" below is seen. A carousel can be seen in the background. The passenger seat of the truck is pixelated, even though there appears to be nothing it is censoring. The video ends with the overhead view of the sidewalk.


The title of the video appears to be "OFFAL," which is defined as the entrails and internal organs of an animal used as food.

The video was suspected to have been filmed with a drone, but this theory was invalidated, as no person on the sidewalk appears to notice the drone as you would expect them to.

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